FaithFull Farming brings together farmers, homesteaders and gardeners who live by faith and share the joys of agriculture. With Gods guidance, wisdom and divinely inspired ideas we endeavor to live and share a sustainable homestead lifestyle.

God desired for us to have a perfect garden experience in the first garden He created. While our gardens may not be perfect we can share our experiences, successes and failures to learn from one another. As virtual neighbors my hope is that you will feel comfortable here, share your thoughts, ideas and tips.

With a formal education in Horticulture and over 15 years experience farming, I hope to sow the seeds of knowledge and faith God has sown in me over the years. There have been weeds but there has been an abundant harvest also.

I have learned so much while in my gardens. As I have worked the soil, sowed the seeds, watered in dry times and harvested the bounty, my faith has been stretched and my patience refined.

My hope is that together, we will grow our farms and faith.

Happy Farming and God Bless,


Faithfull Farming

Farming hand in hand with God.